Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Arab American Experience in the United States and Canada, edited by Michael W. Suleiman

Michael Suleiman has been for years carefully documenting the Arab experience, among only a handful of Arab American authors who have published books on the history of the Arab experience in America. This book, "The Arab-American Experience in the United States and Canada" (published in April 2006 but still very notable today) attempts to bring together the most comprehensive collection of notations and citations of every article, essay, dissertation, magazines, Arab American newspapers, academic journals, in English and Arabic, and the few published books that share that unique experience.

So much has been written (only a very few books, however) and Suleiman does a tremendous service to bring it together in a powerful collection of every aspect of Arab American life.

This is a researcher's dream and reflects the dream of a researcher who has spent 25 years examining this until-now collected experience. Bibliography entries include author name, date, title, pages, publisher, location and a brief description.

As a young researcher myself, I recall having hand-written 500 index cards with similar notations and comments that filled two small boxes.

Published by Pierian Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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