Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Review: The Alexandria Letter by George R. Honig

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What is Jesus was not only a Rabbi but a doctor with medical skills? Might that have explained the many miracles? Dr. George Honig explores that possibility in a new novel called "The Alexandria Letter." It's the story of a letter written by one of the Disciples about Jesus and John the Baptist. The central figure of the novel, which tests the Christian faith, is a cambridge professor who explores the letter and its meaning but quickly becomes the target of the Christian Church.

Honig, a doctor himself, uses the novel as a means of exploring a theory he has that maybe Jesus had medical skills far advanced than others that may explain the great miracles.

It's a fascinating read and intriguing. Although we don't know much about the life of Jesus except that which was written many years later by his disciples and re-written by the Christian Church, it is very possible that Jesus was merely the most proficient doctor of his time.

An enjoyable thriller and well worth your read.

-- Ray Hanania

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