Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rimal Publications releases two new books Aviation in Middle East and Libya

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At Rimal Publications we are proud to announce that with two of the latest books on our list we are breaking new ground. Countless books have been published on the recent history of the Middle East and North Africa, but none with the perspectives offered by our latest publications, which are due to be published this summer.

History in the Arab Skies: Aviation’s Impact on the Middle East – the latest book by Gerald Butt – is a smooth blend of political history, the story of aviation’s rapid development and personal observations. Above all, it chronicles the region’s association of more than a century with the expansion of flying and how the use of air power proved critical in shaping the modern Middle East. It also relates the role that the region played during the early years of commercial flight when taking to the air was a romantic and luxurious adventure.

Libya’s Hidden Pages of History: A Memoir (Arabic Ed), Mustafa Ben-Halim’s autobiography, provides a personal and graphic view of politics in Libya in the early years of independence. As only the second prime minister in the young monarchy, Mr Ben-Halim tells of his country’s struggles – to combat economic difficulties in the days before oil and to fight off the intrigues of the British and French governments. He also talks frankly about his meetings with international figures of the day, like Anthony Eden and Gamal Abdel Nasser. While a number of books have been written about Libya by outsiders, this is an insider’s account of political life in that country.
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