Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joe Avesar, Israeli-Palestinian Confederation co-founder releases book

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Joe Avesar has been an activist for peace since his childhood when an Arab fisherman saved his sister from drowning. Avesar is no a co-founder of the Palestinian-Israeli Confederation movement which has a large presence in Israel, Palestine and on Facebook.

Avesar has detailed the principles of confederation in his new book "Peace: A Case for an Israeli Palestinian Confederation" (126 pp, Damasaja Publishing, CA).

The book argues mainly about peace but also how a confederation can make the current Middle East peace failures turn in to a reality.

It's well written and easy to read. And when you are done, it restores your belief that peace is possible; so many Palestinians and Israelis, these days, are fighting against the idea of peace, believing instead of conquest or victory. The idea of compromise has lost much of its luster and many who support peace, tragically, have lost the will to believe.

Avesar's book offers an impetus to believe again and it provides clean, clear and reasoned logic to kickstart a new initiative and get people to think out of the box.

-- Ray Hanania

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