Monday, May 14, 2012

Heritage and Sustainability in the Islamic Built Environment

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The invited essays in Heritage and Sustainability in the Islamic Built Environment represent up-to-date research and investigation into the various aspects of heritage and sustainability in the Islamic Built environments. They include an analysis of the problems that cities in the Islamic world face as they confront the forces of globalization and new development. The book embraces a wide array of principles, strategies and precedents that are instrumental to the design of cities and communities in Islamic regions in order to sustain their cultural and environmental vitality. The book’s contributors also provide the background on Islamic societies that is necessary in order to comprehend their rich architectural heritage and urban form.

This book is an important addition to the literature and will be of interest not only to design professionals and students of architecture, but also, given its urbane and jargon-free use of language, could appeal across several disciplines such as urban geography, social sciences, literary studies and more.
Key selling points:
  • The book offers direction to the professional architect and urban designer in Islamic cities on how to embrace the art of designing future communities with knowledge-based decisions that help these regions to sustain their cultural and environmental vitality.
  • Strategy- and solution-oriented. The subject matter in the book helps design professionals to program and implement sound design solutions.
  • The book meets undergraduate/graduate educational needs in schools of architecture and urban studies. The book is suitable for use as a class textbook in design theory courses and/or as a design studio reading companion.
  • The book not only provides an important body of knowledge for professionals and students of architecture but will also appeal to a variety of other disciplines, such as philosophy, social sciences, urban geography and more.
  • Rich illustration and pictorial references. The book is embellished with beautiful photographs and illustrations that make it more attractive and legible to readers.
B. A. KAZIMEE, Washington State University, USA
Publication Date:
May 7, 2012
In stock:
May, 2012
BISAC Codes:
ARC020000 ARC018000 ARC005000
Heritage, sustainability, built-environment, globalization, authenticity, regional identity
Design professionals and students of architecture and urban design; international professional design organizations and firms involved in designing cities and or architecture in the Islamic regions. It also includes useful information across several disciplines, such as social sciences, planning, and urban geography.

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