Friday, September 9, 2011

Lebanese Film to be presented: Stray Bullets

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MEDIA ALERT - For Immediate Release
September 8, 2011
TPFF presents: Arab World Perspectives
Stray Bullet (Lebanon)

Saturday, October 1, 2011, 2:00pm
Jackman Theatre, AGO
TPFF is proud to announce the Arab World Perspectives program, a new addition to this year?s festival line-up. This program shines a light on another part of the Arab world with a cutting-edge film from an up-and-coming Arab filmmaker. TPFF has selected the award-winning Lebanese film Stray Bullet by Georges Hachem and starring acclaimed Lebanese director/actor Nadine Labaki (Caramel; Where do we go now?).
Best Film Muhr Arab Award winner at the Dubai International Film Festival (2010), Hachem's debut film is a poignant socio-politically charged drama that unveils a family in turmoil in the midst of wartime tensions. It's the end of summer 1976 in a northern suburb of Beirut. Noha (Labaki) is engaged to be married and her overbearing family is relieved she will not end up an old maid like her sister. Wedding preparations appear to be going to plan until, on that Sunday, fifteen days before the nuptials, Noha changes her mind. Noha's self-actualization triggers a cascading set of events that fractures her and her family. Trailer
This beautiful film shot in a 1970s grainy aesthetic captured a best cinematography award and will be screened in 35mm format.
Following the screening, TPFF will host a panel with director Georges Hachem and Pomegranates and Myrrh actor Ashraf Farah. They will discuss their films, which address themes of personal and national conflicts, as well as, trends, opportunities and obstacles for filmmakers and artists working in the Middle East on projects presenting a social commentary.
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· Kingdom of Women - The women of Ein el Hilweh rebuild their refugee camp in Lebanon after it was destroyed in 1982. Oct 3, 7:00pm, AGO
· Shout - Best friends from the occupied Golan Heights leave home for the first time to pursue studies and a new life in Damascus, Syria. Oct 4, 7:00pm, AGO
The 4th annual TPFF is taking place Sept 30- Oct-7, 2011. Established in 2008, TPFF celebrates film as an art form and means of expression by showcasing the vibrant heritage, resilience, and narratives of the Palestinian people. Tickets and TPFF 10 Pass are on sale online and at the TIFF Lightbox?s box office. Visit for TPFF program or to purchase tickets.
Contact: Dania Majid, programmer/media liaison,

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